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What is New on the London & UK South Pub History Site

A reminder of who started this site - thanks Ian.

January 2017 - I have just updated most ot the Rotherhithe pages thank to Ewan who runs the pubology site. I know that this pub history site is far from useful for mobile users, and really do not know how to make this better. Any suggestions are very welcome.

December 2016 - Boxing Day : Again, I rarely update this page, whilst the site does get updates every day. Most recently I have been concentrating on the Licensed Victuallers Association records with significant numbers of early records in 1825 and so on; these are mainly linked to London pubs. Lots of other areas are always seeing updates, e.g. Leicester, Hampshire, Kent, Hertfordshire etc etc.

May 2016 : It has been 5 months since last updating what is new on the site page. There is masses of additional detail everywhere including recent additions of Leicester, Gosport, Tonbridge, Brighton, all of London etc. (including parts of Surrey ,  Southwark etc & Kent, eg Greenwich, Canterbury & Deptford). And bits of Hampshire, particularly Southampton, & Gloucestershire & Dorset. I don't think I know from one day to the next where I have been updating; and often fall asleep on the computer doing just this. At the weekend, I started an update of Mitcham at 7am as I could not sleep, and finished very late that night. My updates are never complete, but they are updates and additions. The pub history site now covers so many areas, I could add a whole town or just an era for a place, or  a few interesting records for a pub, it makes no difference to me, it's all pub history.

I do sadly lack the modern detail (to me). Most people refer to pub history as what a pub was called in the last 25 years. I refer to whether a building was a pub 100 years ago, and am missing the last 90 years! I don't have the detail, or reference etc; c'est la vie! And I seem to tweet a lot about politics, hey ho, another interest of mine with the current government wrecking the average persons life.

There are a few people helping me out still, particularly Ewan of the pubology site. Top Man.

26th December 2015 : Boxing day 2015, well, the start. A massive number of London updates have been added over the past few weeks - these are mainly license transfers from one licensee to another. License transfers are recorded in the petty sessions courts, and also often recorded in local newspapers. I use both as a source of information. I started this site with mainly census records and the directory details from manly Kelly directories. The license transfers now actually give a date of when a transfer of license took place, and in most cases are far more accurate than directory entries. The pubs history pages are now really looking quite useful as a resource for searching on a person, but also an address which changed through time. My strength is in the Victorian era, rather than the modern day pub, but I cannot do every thing. BUT, I am extremely proud of this resource of early pub and street history as it builds.

13th November 2015 : I am continuing to add detail to Birmingham. Meanwhile, many other sites seem to think it is OK to steal my work and images.

28th October 2015 : A lot more work has been going on in updating the pub history of Birmingham. I am still working backwards and adding earlier pubs, beer retailers & directory listings. The Birmingham pub history includes many directory listings, the 1911 census crawls and more. It is building slowly, and a lot of hard work.

7th October 2015 : A lot of work has been going on in the sticks, as I call them; i.e. outside London. I have spent a few weeks at least updating the pub history of Birmingham. I do know that Birmingham had about 1,000 pubs in the 1946 directory, and these are now all on site. I am now working backwards and adding earlier pubs. The Birmingham pub history includes many directory listings, the 1911 census crawls and more. I include Aston as part of Birmingham.

I have also added a lot of the Lincoln pub history, as mentioned previously. This will continue to grow.

21st August 2015 : I don't update the what's new page as often as I should. The last month has seen some fairly large towns added. I Started with Grimsby, as this is where the fishing fleet from Barking relocated by the 1861 census. I tend to only spend a few days updating an area, and therefore my research never gets onto the pages properly. I then moved on to Nottingham, and whilst on holiday, I spent vast amounts of time reading about the town. Then I received a massive injection of pub history for Newbury, in Berkshire plus lots of pictures from Jim Bradshaw. Finally, I am updating Newbury and also decided to add Lincoln. The Lincoln site is growing fast, mainly just directory listings.

21st April 2014 : The Google responsive search is now working. I have worked tirelessly for the last few weeks to make sure 'most' of the pub history pages meet the responsive test. There are about forty six thousand pages on the site, and I have edited each and every one of these pages. The site is now completely responsive in 95% of cases, although I am still finding pages that need updating, particularly in Suffolk, but an incredible feat to achieve this in just a few weeks.

28th December 2014: All of Sheffield is being added to the site at present; as is  Wolverhampton pub history. All of London is always being updated with may hundreds of license transfer records added over the past few days - these are the newspaper equivalent of the Petty Sessions records.

7th December 2014: I did spend quite a lot of time on two separate sites, one for the south and another which covers more northern areas, It is all now on just one site.

18th November : It has been three moths since I updated this page, but updates for the pub history site actually happen every day. A big addition has been many hundreds of London license transfers between 1848 and 1900. These detail a specific licensee transfer, as recorded in the Petty Sessions, and reported in the London newspapers. I have also been updating with new detail as supplied by Ewan.

Over the last few days I have made a rather excellent contact, David Fisher, who has provided me with hundreds of modern photographs of the many pubs in the Home counties, e.g. Surrey and hampshire. Thanks David. I have also been updating certain occasional towns, e.g. Dorking, Surrey; Romsey, Hampshire ;

Added a bunch of pictures in Dorset & Devon, mainly, these are all Devenish pubs.

Also, a number of early London parishes updated.

4th November 2014:  I need to check the twitter feed to confirm this, but the latest updates are for Sheffield. Prior to this, and mainly thank to Stephen who is the co-author of the site/s, various areas in Derbyshire have been  added, including Dronfield & Holmesfield, Derbyshire & Selby, Yorkshire.

Northampton, in Peterborough.

Loughborough, in Leicestershire

4th March 2014:  The next big update is going to be Leicester- starting with an 1911 census summary.

21st December:  The main updates on the Northern UK pub history site are Manchester. The entirety of the 1911 directory listings have been added tonight, plus assorted 1911 census summary detail.

1st December: Massive updates for the Manchester area continue, this is the entire Greater Manchester area and will take some months. I have been working through the named pubs in 1881 (including beer retailers) for Manchester, Openshaw, Gorton, Salford, Ardwick, Hulme, Levenshulme and Chorlton on Medlock (Tony Yardley is adding this alphabetically). I have all 1881 census transcribed, it just takes time to add - and many are just addresses which do not relate to a named pub at the moment!

18th November: On this site, I continue to update the Manchester area, in particular the Chorlton on Medlock section which is being added by Tony Yardley. Manchester is now at letter K.

14th November: Lots of pub history updates at present, as I appear to have a number (quite a lot) of avid contributors. Tonight alone, I have added massive updates forLittlehampton(Brian Haines), Hoddesdon (Michael),  and Twickenham. Yesterday I updated North Shields with a major update again (Stephen Harris), Chorlton Medlock (Manchester) by Tony Yardley and Southampton (Bob Bates).

10th November: North Shields has been updated massively, and more to come. I found a huge data backlog of St Albans and the local area census detail which I transcribed months ago, and much of this was added today. Bob Gates has sent me another massive update for Southampton, and I am about to start adding this. Every time I mention massive, I refer to many hundreds of hours of work in the research. I will make a start before I fall asleep on the PC, as I often do!

7th November: Stephen sent me an update for North Shields in Northumberland which is about to be added to the sites. I ask myself why I am adding the rest of the country when I have not completed all of London and the south? I think the simple answer is that I must have lived in a bubble for most of my life, and never realised that there was in fact anything further north than say, Birmingham! I am loving the research into completely new areas that are rarely more than just news items, and completely worn out with the hours I am putting into this.

3rd November: Additions . Updates of Southampton , & Chorlton on Medlock, Manchester. I am now concentrating on adding London 1848 & 1851 pub history for a while.

After a couple of weeks holidays at the start of August, updates include a major Peckham update (Ewan), many Middlesex 1911 updates; Kingston on Thames, Surrey added ; Stamford, Lincolnshire added ; lots of London license transfers added and also much more, e.g. Newport, Isle of Wight.

27th June : For the past two months I have been tirelessly and relentlessly researching newspaper records, particularly any license transfer records that I could find. These license transfers abound in many newspapers including the Era newspaper, and many others. Most of what I have found relate to the early Victorian period, from say, 1848 to about 1870; and I have added thousands of new additions to the London pub history pages, and also other areas.

For the last two days, I have been researching the Horn Tavern, Knightrider street. There are many references to this pub being the same tavern that is referred to by Dickens and Samuel Pepys; and I am always sceptical of these brash statements. There are also a host of recent books which state the same fact, although they rarely reference their actual factual findings. I believe that the early Horn Tavern is an entirely distinct Tavern to that in Knightrider Street, and here is my research of the Horn Tavern. It would be good if people who want to print books educating the next generation would do some research in the first instance - it appears there is plenty of documentation about the place.

15th June : I have been off from work for a long weekend, and finally updated the #2 pub history site today - updates are in Warwickshire, Northamptonshire, Derbyshire, North Shields and particularly Leicester. London continues to get the vast majority of attention, hence the reason it is a great resource, but I need to remember the rest of the country also has a number of pubs. Here is the Wagon, Load of Lime, the Boat in Long Buckby, a pub in North Shields and the Crown & Thistle in Leicester. I also added a bunch of pubs to Horsham ; and Beaconsfield, in Buckinghamshre. I think that's all.

7th June : I have been revisiting some of the many areas of London, whilst continuing to add license transfer records. An area where I had thought I had researched heavily, now becomes an area needing significant updates - the pub history site never stops needing attention! The addition of thousands of 1840 - 1870 license transfers helps to consolidate the site, clarify road renaming (a major part of this site), and also confirms that the entries are correct, or sometimes NOT.

2nd June : I am continuing to update London with a mass of license transfers from the historical  newspapers (thousands of them). Also, I now have about 250 pictures of Portsmouth pubs in the 1970's to add to the site, and I have added about twenty so far. The pub history site is now #1, #2 and #3 for pub history in google. This is not surprising if you consider the amount of time I spend in updating the site, roughly 40 hours a week, in my spare time - this is all of my spare time, by the way. I also work and travel long distances to work. A very good example on the pub history site is the Adam and Eve, Homerton. I have fond memories of the Homerton area in the early 1980's.

3rd May : Mainly updating Hackney at present. It is a huge area, and needs transcriptions of all resources and cross-referencing to make sense. The 1896 suburban directories are also very useful, as these tend to be the first decent directories that start to cross-reference the local county pubs that are beginning to be part of London, e.g. Hackney, many parts of Middlesex, parts of Essex etc. A similar pattern occurs for the South London suburban directory, but I am yet to understand South London / Kent /  Surrey properly. I use the 1899 and 1944 directory listings to ensure I have all of the London pubs on the site. I will now start to also use the 1896 listings of North and South London suburbs to do the same - these have been moved up the mavigation menu for this reason! This is no mean task, although many of the actual pubs are already listed on the pub history site. It's a damn good site for historical pubs.

1st May : I need to check my twitter feed to remind me what I have been updating, that's why I tweet sometimes - I have little idea of what I get up to late at night. There are an incredible number of updates, and thanks particularly to Ewan and Tris who have tirelessly added detail to the pubs history site. Most recent updates include massive updates for Greenwich, Deptford and Mile End. [Ewan supplied all of the Deptford updates as he did for Mile End recently], whilst Tris has supplied me with probably a hundred plus new pictures for North & West London. Hackney is about to receive another boost in early detail, well this has already started significantly. An 1972 Kent directory listing of 870 pubs added. Sponsored my wife, so far, to the tune of 25 a mile for her Moonwalk in May! (It's a good charity - a marathon distance overnight). Added a rather excellent piece on the Anatomy Act of 1832 which relates to the Italian Boy trial, see Sarah Wise. Lots of 1911 London census summaries added to the site. And loads more smaller updates and tidy up jobs, etc.

Plus, you must never forget Colleen, who occasionally spams me with another 50+ pictures at a time (all good); or Stephen Harris, who I quote as the co-author of the site due to many hundreds of photographs and thousands of updates over the past eight years. And all of the other contributors - a really big thank you.

29th March: I have been adding lots of 1911 census summary's to the site, particularly for London - link is in Navigation menu.

7th March: Tris has been updating me with hundreds of pictures for the West of London, e.g. Paddington, Kensington etc. Also, just recently, I have been adding some of the 1851 census for a number of the City of London parishes.

31st January: 1911 census updates continue. These are quite important, as I try and list pubs by church parish rather than the modern post code system - this is really difficult most of the time!

New areas added are the entirety of St Pancras (North, South, East & West), Holborn St Andrews, Paddington.

26th January: A large number of 1911 census summaries added over the weekend, i.e. Battersea South West, Battersea North West, Limehouse, Rotherhithe, and lots of new images for Kensington. I am also starting to add Bethnal Green 1911 summary.  And lots more ....

24th January:  I have been updating many 1911 census summaries which are often very good for naming pubs, here are some more. Battersea East, Mile End Old Town, Mile End New Town, Hammersmith, Wapping, Ratcliff, Spitalfields, Whitechapel, Shoreditch.

18th January: I am always working on the pub sites - 24/7 ; apart from a few days at Christmas this year. Most updates are on twitter, but here are a few of these for the New Year. Kensington 1911 summary, Lambeth 1911 census summary, Willesden & Kilburn updates, London 1938 directory listing, lots of Mile End updates, etc etc.

3rd December: The 1937 listing of Essex pubs has been added, and largely proofread. This is approximately a list of 1400 pubs. I am yet to add the smaller number of beer retailers and hotels at this time (about 100 ?). The importance of this listing is that many beer retailers were in unnamed beer house up until the 1933 directory. The freefind search engine on the sites now has 53, 643 pages which is an increase of about 1500 over the last month. Much of the updates have been in the Greater Manchester area.

1st December: I have been updating Northern areas of the UK quite frivolously - example, I have been updating Manchester quite a lot. I was then brought down to earth by the number of missing pubs which are not listed properly in Essex, and also in London. I am now updating all areas, and working on the Essex pubs in more depth, particularly those listed in 1937 when the beer houses start to get named. Obviously, there is another 75 years of pub history which I am missing after 1937, but this is a start. A massive job, please help me out - thank you.

18th November: Chatham has been updated considerably today, particularly the 1911 census; there is more to come. The problems with this area of Kent is differentiating between Chatham, Rochester, Strood and Gillingham. For Chatham, read all of these areas. I am slowly getting it correct.

14th November: Lots of pub history updates at present, as I appear to have a number (quite a lot) of avid contributors. Tonight alone, I have added massive updates for Littlehampton (Brian Haines), Hoddesdon (Michael),  and Twickenham. Yesterday I updated North Shields with a major update again (Stephen Harris), Chorlton Medlock (Manchester) by Tony Yardley and Southampton (Bob Bates). I apologise to Bob, as I regularly add his name as Bill Bates or Bill Gates or Bob Gates, just a sign that I am working too late every night. I have additional detail from Bob to add, and will be adding this excellent detail over the coming days. A big thank you to all who help to build the pub history sites, it is much appreciated by myself and many others.

The new indexes on the new site make it a lot easier to find a county / town - let me know what you think. I find it much better. I still struggle with the search engine, and will 'fix' this sometime.

10th November: North Shields has been updated massively, and more to come. I found a huge data backlog of St Albans and the local area census detail which I transcribed months ago, and much of this was added today. Bob Gates has sent me another massive update for Southampton, and I am about to start adding this. Every time I mention massive, I refer to many hundreds of hours of work in the research. I will make a start before I fall asleep on the PC, as I often do!

7th November: Stephen sent me an update for North Shields in Northumberland which is about to be added to the sites. I ask myself why I am adding the rest of the country when I have not completed all of London and the south? I think the simple answer is that I must have lived in a bubble for most of my life, and never realised that there was in fact anything further north than say, Birmingham! I am loving the research into completely new areas that are rarely more than just news items, and completely worn out with the hours I am putting into this.

3rd November: Additions . Updates of Southampton, & Chorlton on Medlock, Manchester. I am now concentrating on adding London 1848 & 1851 pub history for a while.

31st October: Lots of Poplar, Limehouse updates from Ewan - pubology. Also added two additional Virginia Planters, plus the Old Greenland Fishery - see Shadwell & Spitalfields ; and a number of pubs in All Hallows Lombard Street which were very enjoyable updates - now off to Manchester A & B / Chorlton on Medlock, Lancashire. Also recently updated the River Thames pub history page, and relevant pubs along the Thames.

24th October: Very busy for the last week, and posting most updates on the twitter site. Updates are at Maryport, Cumberland, Manchester (all areas), more London as ever ; Bedworth, Warwickshire ; & parts of Birmingham, in Warwickshire.

Updates are mostly in the North (Midlands). I must start adding some Yorkshire soon - the closed pubs project has made a good start, i can always do better.

13th October:  I am now putting updates on twitter only, but for clarity I am also adding a precis of the last couple of weeks on this page. Additions are at the following areas for the last two weeks.

Whitechapel 1911 census detail; Pub history along the River Thames ; Benson, Oxfordshire ; Manchester (to letter J);  Dronfield, Derbyshire; Ramsgate, Kent ; Ripley, Derbyshire - etc.

I am also slowly moving the index pages onto the new site, and improving their look.

26th September:  I have backups of old site content, and am now moving parts of the site. These are the pub history pages relevant to  north of London, and in particular called the Midlands. These will now only be hosted on the site.

28th September: You may have noticed that I have been spreading the pub history around the country, mostly northwards. This will also include me moving some of this material from this site to my sister site - pubhistory.co.uk. Recent additions have been parts of Derbyshire, Warwickshire, Lancashire, Leicestershire, Rutland, Northamptonshire etc. etc. This site also has an improved index to access the many areas including London and the South East. You can also follow, and contact via twitter.

24th September: Started adding the pubs in Derbyshire today. A massive upddate for Belper - thanks Stephen. Lots more Derbyshire and othe counties pub history to follow.

23rd September: The pub history sites have had a small make-over this weekend, and I have started adding the rest of the UK pub history. There is now quite a reasonable index to the counties on the sister site, and also it is much easier to find a particular county - pubhistory.co.uk, and this site is also hosting some of the newer additions.

Additions have been Market Drayton, Shropshire, a clearer index of Northampton & Peterborough, and also the first few towns in Nottinghamshire. There are also links to the many counties I am yet to add, although these are becoming less every day.

20th September: Warminster pub history is pretty much complete back to about 1820. Only 180 new pages added this week, but the quality has improved. Currently making a debut is the pub history of Birmingham. My view is that pub history never expires, therefore as I add a new area it is saved forever, and never changes.

15th September: Just starting to add parts of Warwickshire, including 300+ pubs and hotels in Coventry and a lot of additional detail for these pages.

7th September:  Banbury in Oxfordshire has been an interesting update, an old coaching town which died off as the railway arrived. The Oxfordshire pubs history in 1939 is complete, and much of Hampshire, which is also now complete for 1927. I have also re-started Leicester in 1928. The next area to add is Warwickshire, which should take a while, maybe a month.

29th August: Currently working on Oxfordshire & Plumstead. I have added 800 pages in the last two weeks, and plan to continue at the current level until England is complete, and then maybe Scotland, too! On a local level, I have completed a major update of Plumstead.

22nd August: I am updating a number of counties at present. Currently adding Leicestershire, Rutland and Hampshire. Also continuing to add Wiltshire, and also need to complete Bristol. Next is to add the rest of Oxfordshire, and also run through the latter directory of Hertfordshire. I also tentatively started adding Northamptonshire and completing Somerset. In the meantime I am continuing to update London and other parts of the South East; and hopefully keeping up with recent emails.

26th July : I am adding a placeholder page for more of Hampshire. There is no point spending hours on  an area to have people copy your work as their own, and I am following the excellent idea by the closed pubs project. They have a name of a pub and in many instances, a picture. Much better, as I can add the rest of the country at this rate quite quickly! Current plans are to have the entire country (England) listed by the end of the 2013.

If anyone wants to help me out on this, I can recommend freely available online directories - thanks.

24th July : Most areas are always being updated, but particular preference is to add more of Wiltshire, and also to add many additional updates to Middlesex. Parts of Essex continue to also have the pages updated. I intend to finish off Hampshire and Oxfordshire in the near future. A recent drive to Scotland means I will probably add the rest of the country at some stage, but this may take some time; so bear with me, please!

19th July : I am mainly concentrating on my new inbox, i.e. kevan@pubhistory.co.uk. I do recommend reading my 'Pub History research' suggestions - they are a start.

15th July : Many areas have been updated over the last couple of weeks, and I am currently updating Heston ( and other parts of Middlesex). I also added a host of brilliant historical images, provided by Colleen - this has included updating many areas of the Essex site with 1911 census data. Paul Best  takes up to 1200 photographs a week, a few of these are slowly being added to the site in the Gloucestershire area.

25th June : My eldest daughter became a doctor yesterday. If like me, you are a parent, I think you will understand the excitement of this achievement. A very proud dad indeed!

21st June : I update this page to remind myself what I was doing in my sleep the previous nights! Bristol (which is an ongoing feat), parts of Gloucestershire and St Pancras, London & Bristol & Somerset & Wiltshire updated tonight. The search engine has now also been updated, as has the sitemap which lists about 42,000 pages of pubs history, plus a further 10,000+ images which can be found in google.

15th June :  I am pleased to add Ewan to the people who are helping me to update this pub history site. Ewan runs the pubology site, and is a major player in the history of London pubs, old and new. Thank you. Also a large update for Great Marlow and Little Marlow, with more to come - thanks Stephen.

11th June :  I am continuing to update Gloucestershire, and in particular, Bristol. You may ask yourself why I am adding Bristol when it is already well documented. My answer is that I believe that I add a new historical perspective, and it gets the detail into a search engine, and I enjoy adding another thousand pubs, and pages, to the site!

5th June :  I am continuing to update Bristol, and Gloucestershire generally. If you have additions to the site, they would be very welcome - thank you.

30th May : I have added a host of pubs in Gloucestershire over the past week. There is now a listing for most pubs in Gloucestershire, excluding beer retailers. Paul Best has been advising and updating pages. The Bristol area is next, with in the region of one thousand pubs, and beer retailers, which is being added slowly. I have also added a bunch of pictures from both Paul, and also Colleen, some of these stored in my inbox for the last six years. Lots more updates to come, please help me out here.

23rd May : For the next couple of weeks I am planning on updating Gloucestershire only. These are updates only, and excludes answering questions about the area.

18th May : Updating a little known place called Minchinhampton, in Gloucestershire, all day, back to Poole in  Dorset tomorrow.

10th May :  I am updating Buckinghamshire tonight - letters A & B - with the 1863 Dutton directory for each town. This does not appear to be adding much to the pubs, but is adding a town directory for each place as I visit. I have to say that all of the work put in by Colin Ager in building parts of the site is incredible - thank you!

Thank you to all the contributors of pictures and historical detail; and All pictures, photographs etc for the site are always welcome - including modern pictures where I do not have them. It appears that there are over 10,000 pictures and about 45,500 pages on the site at present. Following on from the Grand Union Junction Canal project, I am looking at adding pubs along water routes, e.g, The Thames - hence Oxfordshire.

9th May :  The pub history site gets updated every day / night, and in Wincanton, Somerset tonight - thanks to Roy Barrett; and Pangbourne, Berkshire - thanks Stephen. The pub history of Wincanton has taken a major leap forwards, and backwards!

6th May :  I have been updating the Oxfordshire area for the past week. This is mainly around 1863, and a specific directory. Oxford itself has now had a major update, which includes a whole host of Oxford history - it was really interesting proof reading these entries for Oxford. Berkshire and Buckinghamshire to follow, or parts thereof.

30th April :  A massive update for Henley on Thames tonight - plus Deptford has continued to grow in bounds. I am working through the London 1910 publicans directory, and this should be available soon. You may have noticed that I have purchased yet another pub site, i.e. pubhistory.co.uk which is currently listing some useful research detail. I have decided that I have two challenges over the next few months, to engage mobile phone technology, and also to build a good, local search engine with a bit of programming, and scripting - this excites me more.

23nd April :  I have completed the 1884 London pubs listing, and am now completing the 1848 street directory of publicans & beer retailers.

22nd April :  There are two London pub indexes which I update regularly, these are for 1899 and 1944, whilst other indexes get ignored most of the time! The 1899 index is, slowly and surely, nearly complete - not quite yet. The noticeable point was also whilst updating Deptford, I realised I had concentrated on beer retailer listings at the expense of publican listings - I may change this in the near future. I am sure I had noticed this before, so expect lots of publican listings to arrive soon.

21st April : I have spent the day adding Rolvenden, in Kent; previous days have been updating various areas in Middlesex along the Paddington canal. Now off to Deptford for a long overdue visit.

17th April : I have updated Canterbury quite a lot over the last couple of days. I am hoping that the many researchers who run pub sites or post on forums will reference this site as their source.

16th April : I have found and purchased the pubhistory.co.uk site - wow. Some articles are just starting to appear on how to research pubs history.

13th April : Not entirely true to my word, as I spent several days updating Shoreditch pub history, and more to come. Importantly, I also spent a bit of time tweaking the server to access the tomcat - this is a java server which I support at work during my day time activities. I get quite excited when I do stuff like this, as I know a lot more than I care to admit - a big new web app may arise from this soon. It would be good to know how many pubs I have on the site, or how many Red Lions, for example. Lots more to follow as I decide on where I may spend some time .......

I also purchased another new domain name - pubhistory.co.uk which should be working soon.

8th April 2013 :  Major updates for Feltham & Hanworth, and a big thanks to Kathleen Hope for adding an additional dimension to these pubs. Thank you. Back to Canning Town pub history updates - now adding and updating Plaistow. Also updated Eastchurch, Sheerness in Kent this evening.

3rd April 2013 :  I am currently  working on Canning Town pub history - a massive update. I also have a number of updates for Gillingham, Rochester and Chatham. Importantly, I have made contact with the 'Closed pubs' project, and alongside Stephen Harris, Colleen, and Ewan of the pubology site, I am now sure that we can properly organise the pub history of this planet, or at least the UK London & south area. (Open & closed pubs).

31st March 2013 :  Pub history updates for Maidstone, Kent; Gravesend, Kent, Gillingham, Old Brompton, Chatham etc. I spend 50+ hours a week on updates (probably an under-estimate), so expect lots more exciting pub history additions.

Bethnal Green updates continue, and also St Martin in the Fields - as usual with massive help of Stephen Harris. I also added some brilliant new detail from Brian Fowler, e.g. the Mitre & other pubs

21st March 2013 : For the past ten years or so, Stephen Harris and I have been updating the pub history site, with a particular interest in the Bethnal Green pub history. I am now looking for any images and pictures of Allas Street, in Bethnal Green, These can be copyright as they are for personal usage only  - see Princess Alice. The Bethnal Green pub history site has been heavily updated over the weekend; and again during the week.

16th March 2013 : Bermondsey updates continue. I am planning on checking the whole of London & Essex viz the 1911 census summary books - next is the entirety of the Lambeth area which has been quite successful so far. A large number of updates (and new / old pubs) for Lambeth & Camberwell have been added.

6th March 2013 : A quick break whilst I update Limehouse in 1911 which is now done.

6th February 2013 : I am making a very tentative start on updating the pub history of Enfield. Two weeks later, and this has been quite successful.

4th February 2013 : In case you are wondering why I am being rather quiet, I am currently updating the pub history in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire - and have also been busy in Putney, Surrey.

31st January 2013 : The 1911 census summary books are providing a very quick search on pub names. I have worked through Bethnal Green, and am continuing with Canning Town, Mile End, and Whitechapel. It appears that the public house name is often listed in the summary books, but not in the census. I am also playing with a simple google search page on the site to see if it is any good - let me know if it works for you. In fact, I am looking at employing my own search engine on the site, but have yet to find the time to do this - you know how it is!

24th January 2013 :  I am working on a new site for the mobile phone crowd. I know it is rubbish, but bear with me. The prototype is at a new site - let me know what you want to see on the site, please. I spend about ten minutes a day updating my proto-type site. Now also updating Tottenham on this site.

21st January 2013 :  Updates continue randomly around the site. I have noticed that there are many sites which cover a small town, and often rather excellent research. I rarely spend more than a couple of days on a town, excepting London and other larger conurbations. I have been busy for the last few days in parts of Surrey, including Betchworth, Brockham Green, Buckland, Reigate and Redhill. Enjoy, as I will probably move back to London now.

8th January 2013 :  Major updates include St Ives, Huntingdonshire etc. This has to be a major pub town considering the number of people registered as living here, e.g. in 1851 there are 60+ pubs for 3000 people. I have now redirected all deadpubs traffic to this site. Updates continue as ever.

 3rd January 2013 :  I have been updating Teddington in Middlesex today, and researching the area yesterday. The plans for the sites are numerous. It currently looks rather out-dated, but then it is an historical site! I am working very slowly on a new responsive design, and android phone apps etc. Bear with me, as I take my time with this. It's a hobby which I greatly enjoy, and is largely a labour of love, but also used as a tool to discover where I went wrong and what works well. The pub history site will be 'great' one day, but who knows when this will be achieved, probably never. I enjoy updating the site most of the time. The Beavis awareness of homelessness is coming to an end, and he has done brilliantly in fund raising.

Here is a new simple site that as you can see, I spent about five minutes creating it, but this site is the future site.

29th December 2012 : I have been following a student for the last few days online, his name is James Beavis and he is raising the awareness of homeless people at Christmas by sleeping out rough during this time. I know there are a lot of homeless people who do this all of the time, but this student has been videoing his week on the streets, and this sounds pretty horrendous. In fact just the first night scares the hell out of me.

So, for this reason, I have been supporting Crisis at Christmas through his charitable page, and added links to every page on this site (at the top, where you can see it!). I have sponsored to the tune of 270 + gift aid so far, probably more to come - why not add another 10, or more if you can afford it, please.

28th December 2012 : Adding Whitchurch etc.

25th December 2012 : Yesterday saw significant updates for Great Missenden, in Buckinghamshire. Today, I need to take a day away from the pubs site. Happy Christmas to all. If you feel very comfortable, and have everything, please consider a donation to the Crisis at Christmas team for those less fortunate. Can you imagine sleeping on the streets every night, even in the warmer times?

19th December 2012 : Tonight I have been updating Lowestoft , in Suffolk. Two days ago, I was adding Dunstable, in Bedfordshire; and also I have been updating parts of Hertfordshire etc etc. This year has been special, largely thanks to the Olympics and Paralympics on my doorstep, which were absolutely incredible. My highlight of the year was to have been one of the 80,000 crowd at Thriller Thursday of the paralympics, when Jonnie Peacock, David Weir and Hannah Cockcroft all deservedly earned their gold medals. The noise in the Olympic stadium was deafening. This pub history site is also a labour of love, and I thank all of the regular contributors to the site, plus the occasional contributors - thank you.

My question for 2013 is "how many pubs are there on this pub history site?". I have no idea. I do know that there are currently 46,306 web pages in the search engine. These cover a number of similar sites, but with little repetition. You can visit the other sites through the navigation menus, and I regularly forget which sites I also have. It is a week early, but have a Happy 'pub history' Christmas in a weeks time.

29th November 2012 : I have to say that I am really enjoying the pub history updates along the Grand Union Junction canal. I am currently stuck in Uxbridge and area; and this has improved my research skills significantly! All I want to be is #1 for 'pub history' in google, I am getting there slowly.

26th November 2012 : The pub history site continues to update on the Grand Union Junction Canal.

20th November 2012 : The last couple of days has seen an update on Wheathampstead, and parts of Rickmansworth.

18th November 2012 : A number of updates have been occurring this week, including an update on Chesham pubs. I also decided tonight to resurrect the Cosford (Suffolk) database.

11th November 2012 : The Grand Junction Canal pubs history project continues - tonight in Watford. Can anyone supply pictures of pubs in Watford, please - old or new? All help in building the site is always very welcome. I seem to be updating Hertfordshire mostly at present - with Michael updating Cheshunt and Ray Glen updating Croxley Green, plus Bernard Lamb updating Herts and Buckinghamshire; and the Watford pub history update is not bad either.
1st November 2012 : I am researching the McQueen and Pool family for a small project. I have been looking at records for Scotland which has been interesting. I have an account with Ancestry, but they do not list Scottish records (well, actually they do list a large number of transcriptions).
12th October 2012 : I am continuing to research a certain Hollyman family, who first appear (from census) in Buckinghamshire about 1801, I have reason to believe they sold beer from a canal boat! I am therefore concentrating some effort in Buckinghamshire, and the Grand Union Junction Canal etc.
6th October 2012 : I heard today through Ewan's London Pubology blog that he has another site running. This is the London Pubology site, and I endorse Ewan as one of those people who works with me in building historical sites for London and about. I have rebuilt the deadpubs site with a fairly recent copy of the latest pub history listing. This pubs history site is where I am currently updating.
I am continuing to work on Leicester with a number of additions for 1899. Many of these are just beer houses, but worthwhile. The beer houses may only have an entry for 1899, but they are now named! Trust me, this is brilliant stuff. Lots more to add still.
2nd October 2012 : I am looking for some help, for a change! I am researching the Hollyman family for a close (and special) relative. The Hollyman family appear to have run quite a few pubs in the London region from at least 1841 up to the 1920's. I need to trace them back, and down again. I believe they came via Buckinghamshire (and possibly Oxfordshire at some stage), and I need help taking the search back to this area. Here is what I have so far (plus a bit), the Hollyman Licensed Victualler family in London. I would also like to prove the link to the Harrow,  Stratford, Essex - but I can probably sort this out. It is Buckinghamshire records I am most interested, and in particular who the parents of Richard Hollyman were, and how he was able to build such an empire of pubs through his family / sons. Thanks for any help you can offer.
30th September 2012 : I have spent the day updating Harwich, in Essex and a little known place called Whepstead, in Suffolk. The Harwich site is being updated because I am receiving many updates from the Harwich and Dovercourt history site owner.
29th September 2012 : Now in Lincolnshire, adding Holbeach - thanks to Roy Barrett.
 24th September 2012 : Back on track with a few updates, and just started adding Leicester. I have now discovered that Leicester is a large town, and could take some time.
7th September 2012 : The London 1848 directory is updating fast. I have not been entirely idle for the past couple of months, just a little selective! I look forward to adding some additional updates this month, but not too fast, please. I am just a human, but not an paralympic superhuman!
1st August 2012 : Well, almost August. I found a new domain name I have registered this year; i.e. pubshistory.com and this is the new name for this pubs history site.
22nd July 2012 : An Olympic torch in Hornchurch - and a few pictures.
24th June 2012 :  Andrew Dick is my wife's brother, and he fought to stay alive most of his life. He was always a great orator, and I loved just sitting back and listening to his expressions of life. He sadly died at the age of only 48. The pub history site is important to me, but the person history site has a far greater magnitude of interest. Andy helped me to build a better understanding of need rather than greed, without ever asking me for anything. Andrew Dick (1961 - 2009).

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